Ship skips Durban port after whale meat outrage

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14 April 2014

South Africans said no to the illegal trade of whale meat, as they called on government to deny entry to a cargo ship filled with meat from the endangered species.

A ship carrying 2 000 tonnes of fin whale meat skipped the port of Durban after South Africans called on government to deny it entry, Greenpeace said.

The cargo ship Alma was sailing from Iceland en-route to Japan, and wanted to refuel halfway in Durban, Greenpeace Africa's executive director Michael O'Brien Onyeka said in a statement at the weekend.

"In three days over 21 000 South Africans joined Greenpeace in its request to the port authorities to deny entrance and service to the Alma," he said. "Greenpeace is calling on the South African government to add pressure to other African ports to continue to deny services to the Alma when it reaches their shores." He said trade of endangered species is being met with international moral rejection.

'Whale meat -- just like rhino horn -- is illegal in South Africa'

"Whale meat -- just like rhino horn -- is illegal in South Africa. The shipping company underestimated South African citizens' commitment to abolish the trade of illegal and endangered species and wildlife," said Onyeka.

"Now, the vessel has left South African waters without the possibility to refuel. It is up to other port states on the continue to deny it access."

- Sapa

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