Shocking footage of extreme weather in Cape Town shows why Cycle Tour had to be cancelled

12 March 2017

The cyclists couldn't even stay on their bikes!

The Cape Town Cycle Tour has been cancelled due to extreme weather conditions, leaving some 35 000 of athletes who would have taken part in the world-famous race disappointed.

The organisers of the tour were forced to take a drastic action for the safety of cyclists on Sunday morning, calling the race off for the first time in 40 years.

"Based on consultation with all the emergency services, the Joint Operations Centre of the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2017 regrets to announce that they have had to take the unprecedented step of cancelling this year’s 40th Cycle Tour," they said in statement.

"This is due to winds in excess of 100km/hour on parts of the route, and the need to urgently clear the roads for emergency vehicles to attend to fires.

"All riders who have started on the route will be stopped at the end of the M3. They will be contained there and traffic authorities will escort them back on the M3."

The cyclists who had already started would have been stopped along the M3, officials said. News24 reports the route was originally shortened early on Sunday morning to 78 km due to damage to roads in certain sections along the route as well as expected protest action later in the day. But pictures and clips emerging on social media have shown just how dangerous the race could have become with thousands of cyclists on the road.

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Yesterday, over 2 000 people were left homeless after a fire destroyed at least 650 homes in Mandela Park informal settlement and surrounds in Hout Bay on Saturday, News24 reported. Firefighters were still working on Saturday afternoon, with concerns over the vegetation on the mountain behind the destroyed homes. Helicopters had been called in to assist and were dumping water, while firefighters on the ground tried to dampen down areas to prevent the further spread of the flames in the high winds.

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