Shocking video: Pupil assaulted in class as teacher turns a blind eye

By admin
17 June 2015

The Gauteng Education Department is investigating what appears to be bullying at a Vereeniging school

The Gauteng education department on Monday condemned an alleged incident of bullying that was apparently allowed by a teacher at a Vereeniging school.

Department spokeswoman, Phumla Sekhonyane, said district officials would be sent to the school to investigate the alleged incident that was filmed and went viral on Facebook and YouTube.

The video, which shows a teenager assaulting another at the school, with the apparent permission of his teacher, has been viewed more than 600 000 times.

The video was displayed on the Facebook page of Nicolaas Putter as well as on YouTube.

'We strongly condemn the incident'

“It is unacceptable. We strongly condemn the incident. We are sending district officials to the school to investigate the matter,” Sekhonyane said.

According to Putter’s Facebook post, the incident was filmed at the school on Friday.

The video begins with a teenager telling the viewers that he had permission to assault the boy that he then subsequently slaps, punches and knees.

As the camera pans around, the teacher can be seen sitting at his desk marking books. After the beating, the teenager on the receiving end of the blows can be seen with his finger in his mouth as the bully instructs him to pull out his tooth.

Attempts to obtain comments from Putter were unsuccessful, but on his post he says: “I want this teacher and student brought to justice!!!! They should be locked up!!!! Share with as many people as you can”.

A discussion on the school's Facebook wall shows the video has been viewed from as far afield as New Zealand. Many of the posts demand to know who the bully is and hope that he will be punished.

The Democratic Alliance's education spokesperson, Khume Ramulifho, urged the provincial education department to investigate the matter.


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