Shocking video shows 84-year-old woman being abused by carer

By admin
21 May 2015

An elderly woman who lives in an upmarket old-age home in East London has suffered the most appalling abuse at the hands of her carer.

The shocking evidence was obtained using a hidden camera.

The investigative TV programme Carte Blanche showed a clip about the incident on Sunday evening.

The damning video evidence was handed to Carte Blanche by the victim’s daughter. The video shows clearly how the woman’s carer shoves her, hits her with her elbow, kicks her and even squirts body spray down her tracheotomy, causing her to apparently writhe in agony.

According to Carte Blanche the victim is senile so couldn’t report what was happening to her.

Her daughter suspected something was amiss and hid the video camera in the room.

Sources: Carte Blanche, Netwerk24, Daily Dispatch

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