Shocking video shows stranger kicking woman down flight of stairs

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10 December 2016

She hit the ground hard, face down.

One evening, a young woman was walking down the first flight of stairs leading to the Hermannstraße railway station in Berlin, Germany. She turned right and began to go down the second flight of stairs.

Not far behind her a bearded man and his three friends ambled along. The man, who was smoking, seemed to have a bottle of alcohol in his hand.

It was an ordinary scene; nothing to be alarmed about – until the bearded man, probably drunk, suddenly increased his speed and kicked the unsuspecting woman in the back. The kick sent her tumbling down the rest of the stairs.

Three of the men seemed to lose interest in her as she struggled to sit up. The man who’d kicked her turned and calmly walked off, leaving her with the contents of her handbag scattered around her.

One of the men paused for a few moments, observing his friend’s “handwork”. Then he bent down, picked up an apparently empty beer bottle and followed the others. Then passersby hurried to the woman’s aid.

This shocking video, filmed in October this year, was only recently made available to the German media.

A member of the Berlin Worker’s Party told the German newspaper Bild that the incident shows how quickly anyone in the city could become a victim of mindless violence.

It’s been speculated that the men are part of an immigrant gang but so far there has been no confirmation that the men are immigrants.


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