Shocking videos show chicken 'force-fed alcohol and cigarettes' in bizarre university residence celebration

20 February 2017

In the photos and videos a smiling man tries to force alcohol into the beak of a rooster, and also tries to force him to “smoke”.

Photos and videos currently doing the rounds on social media show a chicken allegedly being fed alcohol and cigarettes during Stellenbosch University male residence Helshoogte’s annual Hoenderdag (Chicken Day).

The invitation for the event, which took place on 18 February, reads: “Let’s once again make this one we won’t want to remember!”

It turns out that the celebration will be one that people definitely will remember. What follows is gruesome.

Warning: the footage may upset sensitive viewers.

First the chicken is forced to smoke.

Many bystanders were clearly upset by the man’s actions.

According to a separate post the chicken was also forced to drink alcohol.

After everything the young man throws the chicken into the air while bystanders look on in horror.

In a statement to YOU, Stellenbosch University said the institution "condemns cruelty to animals in the strongest possible terms".

They've launched an investigation into the incident, although they insist the man is not a Helshoogte resident.

"The event was open to the public and security was in attendance at the entrances and exits. It is unclear at this stage how the individual managed to bring the chicken onto the premises."

They added, "Hoenderdag is a celebration of music and dance with food stalls. The name originates from the residence emblem or crest which featuring a rooster – considered a revered and respected symbol by residents. Chickens are, however, not involved in the day."

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