Shots fired as US teens stampede movie theatre after being denied entry to Fifty Shades

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18 February 2015

Teens must now be accompanied by adults at night in a Florida mall where youths mobbed a movie theatre after they were barred from seeing the R-rated movie "Fifty Shades of Grey."

West Oak Mall officials in the Orlando suburb of Ocoee said Monday that all teens must be accompanied by an adult after 9 pm

'You need to know where your kids are at all times'

The policy was implemented after 100 teens rushed a movie theatre Saturday night after they were denied tickets to see Fifty Shades of Grey, which is rated R and requires the viewer to be accompanied by a parent if they are under age 17.

Orange County deputies and police from Ocoee, Winter Garden and Windermere fired shots in an attempt to quell the situation. Some 300 teens also stormed mall's food court.

Witnesses who phoned 911, described riots, blocked doors, being locked in and death threats at the hands of the teenagers.

“There is a disturbance. There’s many kids running around. There’s many people running around at the West Oaks movie theatre, and I think they’ve locked the doors. I can’t, we can’t figure our way out,” a 911 caller said.

“Our main concern is this," Lt Paul Hopkins told the West Orange Times and Observer. "These are middle- to high-school kids who have guns, who are shooting guns, who are robbing people, driving stolen cars, and they have drugs in their car,”

“You need to know where your kids are at all times.”

One teen was arrested for battery and resisting an officer, another on misdemeanour drug charges off mall property

No one was injured, and there wasn't any damage.

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