Shots fired in hostage situation on Pretoria estate

By Kirstin Buick
12 October 2016

Gunshots have been fired in a hostage situation currently playing out in Pretoria East, according to reports.

An armed man opened fire during a hostage situation at the Meadows complex in Moreleta Park on Wednesday afternoon, Pretoria Record reports. Two people were shot, Brinant security operations manager Anton Nieuwoudt told the outlet.

“Two people are laying in the complex, but their condition still has to be confirmed.” He said a security guard and policeman were still being held hostage inside the house.

Pretoria police have not yet confirmed the report, EWN says.

“It’s bad," a witness told media. "They landed a helicopter and they're obviously negotiating now but the situation is very bad. They won’t allow people in or out and the whole place is on lock down.”

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