Should you let your kids eat in front of the TV?

By admin
23 June 2016

When you're hectically busy, a plate of fishfingers in front of their favourite movie is the best way to get kids to sit down to supper. But is it okay to do this?

Anne-marié de Beer, a Mysmartkid expert and Registered Dietician with a special interest in paediatric nutrition, weighs in.

"The most important element of healthy eating habits is to ensure that you have at least one meal together at a table as a family.

If you do not have a table and/or are mostly eating in front of the TV, please switch the TV off! This is your family bonding time and extremely important for the kids to be heard.

The other disadvantage of eating in from of the TV is that it leads to over eating, as there is no consciousness about the amount of food that is being consumed.

Children at this age are extremely receptive of new things and a good way to get them to eat healthy is to make them part of the food preparation process.  Have them mixing, stirring or even decorating the plates.

Dishing the food in interesting ways is also a way of getting them interested in the food."

This article originally appeared onMysmartkid.

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