Sibling Chihuahuas born with only two legs each teach their humans how to love again

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25 October 2016

Kanga and Roo are our new favourite pooches!

When Therese Vu and her husband, Duc Tran, lost their beloved dogs of 16 years just a month apart they found it very hard to believe that they would ever have pets again.

"I literally believe that the second one passed away from a broken heart," Vu told The Dodo.

"I can't even put into words how saddened I was to lose them both, and I honestly didn't know if I could open my heart and home up to another dog again."

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But then they were introduced to Kanga and Roo, a brother and his sister who were both born with just two legs each as a result of overbreeding and inbreeding.


Despite the best efforts of their breeder, both dogs were eventually passed on to Angels Among Us, an animal rescue group in the state Georgia in the USA.

In foster care for several months and having attended numerous adoption events, things weren’t looking too good for the pair with special needs. That is until Vu saw a post online and immediately knew that Kanga and Roo would be the perfect addition to her home.


After researching caring for dogs with special needs, Vu and her husband met the pups and the rest, as they say, is history – the pups had found their new forever home.

"Within the first few seconds of interacting with them, they captured our hearts, took over our home, and completely changed our world," Vu said. "We adopted them on 25 June 2013 and couldn't image life without them."


Now five years old,  the playful pair have found their own ways to get around – thanks to their new parents they even have their own custom-made set of wheels!

"Everywhere that they walk indoors is padded [and] soft," Vu said. "In addition to that, we wanted to find a solution for when we took them outdoors."

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Kanga and Roo also have custom-made jumpers made out of the same material that amputee patients wear before putting on a prosthetic limb. Made by a friend of the couple, the jumpers prevent the dogs’ little bellies from becoming irritated or infected.


"We were so thrilled with how much this has helped them that we began offering the sweaters to dog owners around the world who have two-legged dogs," Vu said. "We send the sweaters completely free of charge, and have shipped them all over the US and even the world."

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Kanga and Roo may have been born into this world disadvantaged but judging by these pictures they live life to the full and have taught their new parents to love all over again!


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