Sienna Miller: VB was my post-baby body inspo

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12 June 2015

Sienna Miller used Victoria Beckham as inspiration for getting fit after giving birth.

The stunning star and her fiancé Tom Sturridge have daughter Marlowe together, who will be turning two next month.

Despite the 33-year-old looking trim and toned on the red carpet very soon after giving birth, it took her a while to accept the way her body had changed.

'It took a year for me to feel happy in my body again'

“It was difficult. When I was breastfeeding, I was so drained, I just ate all the time,” she admitted to German magazine Jolie. “You’re constantly tired, so exercise is the last thing on your mind. It took a year for me to feel happy in my body again. It was very motivational to see women who were super fit very soon after giving birth. Victoria Beckham for example, she has four kids and an amazing body. You need discipline and because that’s not my strong suit, it took me a little longer.”

Sienna is open about her beauty regime and admits that she needs a little help from Burberry’s foundation to maintain her even complexion. Despite this, she tends to keep things low-key.

“Privately, I just do my own make-up, even though I try not to use too much,” she revealed. “But I’m getting older, I need foundation. And I haven’t been on holiday for a year and a half, usually I have a light tan, which makes your skin look better. These days I have to have a few tricks up my sleeve!”

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