Simba's gets down to business!

By admin
15 August 2014

Simba will be adding radio host to his resume .

The Top Billing Presenter, voice over artist and emcee, is branching out into radio (or unradio, as they  call CliffCentral).

After an initial visit to the CliffCentral studios, it seems listeners couldn't get enough of Simba Mhere. He will be back co- hosting the entrepreneurial show Rookies and Rockstars with  Jade Reinertsen every Wednesday at 11am.

"Gareth knows that I've been trying to get on radio for the past two years or so," Simba says. "With my Accounting degree, I have business background. So I feel I will both be at an expert level and a learning level with the listeners because throughout the show the answers and questions I will receive and be asking will be a learning process for me as well."

Well, if anyone can make business exciting, it's this guy.  We'll be listening, Simba!

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