Simon Cowell: My son will not have American accent

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20 December 2013

The X Factor boss Simon Cowell is planning to play his sleeping son tapes of his voice so he doesn't develop an American accent.

Simon Cowell will play his sleeping son tapes of his voice so he doesn't pick up an American accent. 

The X Factor boss, whose girlfriend Lauren Silverman is expecting their first child in February, says he is keen for his son to have a British accent like his father and not speak like his New York socialite mother.

The 54-year-old music mogul told E! News that his cunning plan will have worked if his child's first words are, "Hello, Simon..." and not, "Hi, Simon."

He also said he's been training for the birth by caring for his puppies.

Simon said: "I bought Squiddly and Diddly as a means of preparation. I feel this real kind of protection love.

"God only knows what I'll be like with a baby."

He went on to say: "I have got something new being launched ... Si-me two - the sequel."

Simon also later posted on Twitter that he is ripping up the rulebook on The X Factor next year, revealing: "My role may change."

Brunette beauty Lauren, who left her husband Andrew after it emerged she was carrying Simon's baby, finalised her divorce with her ex-spouse earlier this month, but a clause in the legal documents state that she can't take their seven-year-old son Adam out of the Big Apple, where he lives with his father and attends school.

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