Simon Cowell’s reality TV life

By admin
02 October 2013

As Simon Cowell prepares to become a proud pop for the first time, the 53-year-old faces claims that an ex-girlfriend aborted his baby.

Simon Cowell’s life is becoming more and more like the reality TV shows he produces – over the top and melodramatic at times. As he prepares to become a proud pop for the first time the 53-year-old faces claims an ex-girlfriend aborted his baby.

Singer Sinitta says she aborted Simon’s child four years ago – and wants to take a lie detector test live on TV to prove it. In a tweet the 49-year-old reached out to talk-show host Jeremy Kyle, saying, “Jeremy Kyle, I know I declined your celebrity chat, but I’d love to do your show provided you provide the lie detection device. #thishastoend.”

She wasn’t quite done there though. “I have to tell the whole truth of the Simon Cowell baby termination. I know how undignified this is and it sickens me too but I have been dignified throughout so many unjusts and untrue claims and accusations. I don’t want to hurt the people I have loved but I don’t want to always be the one who gets hurt either.”

Simon is apparently furious about Sinitta’s statements, believing the information should’ve “stayed private”. His pregnant girlfriend, US socialite Lauren Silverman (36), insists he end his friendship with Sinitta.

Tom Bower, Cowell’s close friend and biographer, revealed Sinitta was “very upset” when she heard that Simon was to become a dad, claiming she’s still “deeply in love” with the pop mogul.


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