Six tips for successful selfies


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One of the ways you can enter is to upload a picture showing how Samsung lets you #DoWhatYouCan’t, so have a look at these handy tips – it may just help you to enter a winning picture!

1 See the light. If your face is in the shade not even your mom will know that’s Adele standing next to you.

2 Look up. Hold your phone overhead except if you feel you worked hard on that double chin and deserve to show it off.

3 Use accessories. Sunglasses, a cap or scarf can make up for the fact you might not be your mom’s prettiest child.

4 Filter it. A filter giving a soft golden glow will make you look as fabulous as 10 years ago.

5 Choose your background. Do you really want to immortalise that senior citizen in his G-string on your Seychelles selfie?

6 Feet. Photograph your feet with a Thai temple in the background (especially on days your face shouldn’t appear in public.)

So, now you can #DoWhatYouCan’t.

Need more help with selfies?

With the Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone, you can take next-level selfies, even when the light is bad.

The 8 MP front camera with its12 MP Dual Pixel Sensor enables you to take excellent pictures even at night or when the skies are grey. And no more friends in the back of the pic who is out of focus: The Smart Auto Focus tracks faces, so everyone in the shot will be in focus. Enhanced multiframe image processing keeps all your selfies crisp and clear.


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