Six-year-old compulsively devours mom’s carpets, wallpaper

By admin
02 September 2015

Is your son eating you out of your house?

This mom's little boy is literally eating his mom out of house and home.

Well, Harry Burlton, a six-year-old from Somerset in Britain, tucks into more than just his mother’s food.

This autistic boy is obsessed with stuffing things into his mouth and eating them. He doesn’t just scrape paint off the walls, he also pulls mattresses apart.

His mom, Zoe Burlton (24), is at her wits’ end and recently had to replace her living room carpet after Harry had eaten it piece by piece.

'He properly eats and swallows them down'

“We had to put nails in the carpets to stop him,” she says. “But he has still managed to rip it apart. He finds little threads on it that he pulls up and then he eats chunks. He properly eats and swallows them down.”

Harry doesn’t only eat carpets but also laminated flooring.

“We used to have wallpaper but he peeled it. After we took all of that off the wall he started going for the paint on the skirting boards.”

The irony? “He doesn’t eat food much but he eats everything else,” Zoe says.

Developmentally, Harry is at the same level as a one-year-old and he can’t communicate. He doesn’t understand that his actions are considered strange.

He shows no interest in toys and prefers to play with electrical wiring and other dangerous items.

Harry was diagnosed as autistic at the age of six months and only recently started walking.

Because he can’t speak is Zoe very worried that he might swallow something harmful. “He can eat things just fine but he can’t tell me when he’s unwell. He just cries and I have to take him to the doctor because I don’t know what’s wrong. It worries me.”

Zoe now plans to create a “safe room” in her home for Harry. She hopes to have a room with padded walls – but not made with materials he’d be able to rip off and eat.


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