Six-year-old shoots and kills his little brother playing 'cops and robbers'

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19 October 2015

A three-year-old boy died after he was shot by his six-year-old brother while playing a game.

The brothers were playing “cops and robbers” at their parents’ home in Chicago, America, when the elder boy picked up his father’s rifle and shot his little brother.

The three-year-old, Eian Santiago, was hit in the face. He was rushed to hospital but died later.

Meanwhile his father, Michael, has been arrested on a charge of putting his children’s lives in danger. He maintains however that he needed the rifle for protection as he’d previously been involved in a gang.

The rifle was also always at hand because he feared for his life after he’d informed the police about a fellow gang member who’d committed a murder.

The Chicago Tribune reports the rifle was on top of the fridge and wrapped in pyjamas, and that the father had shown his six-year-old where it was.

The father is still in custody. His bail has been set at nearly R100 000.

Sources: SkyNews; The Chicago Tribune

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