Slain Springs teen's stepmom still stuck in jail in Mauritius

By Jana van der Merwe
06 July 2017

Marietjie Vosloo's been in jail in Mauritius for nine months – and her trial hasn't even begun.

Marietjie Vosloo's been in jail in Mauritius for nine months - and her trial is yet to start.

Marietjie, Margate, KwaZulu-Natal, has been in police custody in Mauritius since October last year, when she allegedly fatally assaulted her stepdaughter, Mundolene (17), during an argument.

Inspector Shiva Coothen, police spokesperson, confirmed to YOU telephonically from Mauritian capital Port Louis that 34-year-old Marietjie appeared in court on Wednesday, but the case has once more been postponed – this time until 20 July.

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It’s expected that’s when a trial date will be set, as well as a decision be made whether the case is to be heard in the local magistrate’s court or if it will be referred to the high court, Coothen said.

Coothen confirmed the police investigation had been concluded and that Marietjie has obtained legal help from the state. Previously, the trial had been postponed until 4 June to give state prosecutors and the defense a chance to deliver their submissions.

He said Marietjie was denied bail because she doesn’t have a permanent address on the island. “Nor does she have any money,” he said.

In December YOU reported a murder charge against Marietjie had been converted into a lesser charge of physical assault without deadly intent.

At the time Coothen said Marietjie would still stand trial for Mundolene’s death and that a jail sentence was still a possibility.

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At the time of the incident, the family had been on holiday in Mauritius: Marietjie, her husband, Mike Vosloo (46), their son (11), and Mundolene and her 15-year-old brother, Mike’s children with his previous wife.

The fateful day was 6 October last year, just one day after the family’s arrival at the luxury Hotel Riu Creole in Mauritius for their holiday.

According to reports, Marietjie and Mundolene had started arguing next to the swimming pool. The argument became heated when the two walked back to their hotel room and Marietjie allegedly punched Mundolene hard in the face.

According to the autopsy, Mundolene had suffered a stroke, which had led to a brain-bleed that caused her death.

Mundolene was declared dead at the scene and Marietjie was later arrested.

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