Smart Ways To Have the Best Holiday Ever

By admin
01 December 2014

There’s still a few days left before school starts. Check out our list of boredom busters.


The outdoors always makes you feel better, and getting exercise is the first step to getting a body like Kendall Jenner’s!

Hey YOU’s top walking trails:

Cape Town

- Cecilia Forest. A shady, relatively easy two-hour hike in the Constantia Nek area.

- Lion’s Head. One of the most popular hikes in Cape Town, this is a little more strenuous than Cecilia Forest but the view makes it all worth it.


- Beachfront Promenade. Durban is renowned for its spectacular beaches so why not enjoy them on this easy 6 km walk?

- Krantzkloof Nature Reserve. The Molweni Trail is a 6-km walk and at the bottom of the kloof you’ll find rock pools to swim in.


- Zoo Lake. For a quiet stroll around the lake or in the park surrounding it, Zoo Lake is a firm favourite.

- Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens, Roodepoort. Take the two-hour hike to the top of the waterfall and enjoy the spectacular views.

If you don’t live near any of these trails, check out for a route near you.


Put one some loud music and “shake it off” like Taylor Swift!


Take over your TV room and host a marathon series night with friends. Vote to choose your favourite show and watch all the episodes back to back.

CIRCLE: Pocket money benefit! You need to serve only popcorn so you’ll be saving your moolah.


- Your mom probably isn’t on holiday too so offer to cook dinner for the family. She might be so pleased she lets you stay out an hour later!

- Offer to cut your neighbour’s lawn or clean their pool. They might let you host a cricket game or invite you for a swim.

- Volunteer at the local animal shelter. Is there a better perk than puppy breath?

FAMILY FAVOURS. Remember the old saying “charity starts at home”? Offer to babysit your younger siblings so your parents can chill. Or surprise your mom and dad with breakfast in bed.

MAKE SOME CASH. Run out of pocket money? Try these nifty ideas to make yourself some cash.

& Go door-to-door peddling your services. Offer to wash your neighbours’ cars or if you have green fingers, offer to mow the lawn.

HAVE A PICNIC Invite your besties, grab a blankie and some leftovers from the fridge and have a little picnic in your garden (or indoors if the weather isn’t great).

PARTY! There’s never a reason not to throw a party – invite as many friends as your house can cater for (get permission from your parents first). Ask everyone to bring snacks and drinks and theme it up. Get your friends to dress up as their favourite cartoon character, superhero or celeb.

TAKE IT TO THE RAMP! Invite some friends over, get them to bring clothes, accessories and shoes, and put on your own fashion show. Rope in your brothers/guy friends to play paparazzi to capture the event.

SHOP FOR FREE! Get all your friends to bring over the clothes they’re tired of and swop with them. You could have a brand-new wardrobe overnight!

MAKE A MIX CD A totally worthwhile gift for your BFF/crush!

DYING TO TIE-DYE Tie-dye is so hot right now. Buy a bottle of dye, follow the directions and create an awesome new T-shirt!

BOARD GAMES Make things fun and competitive by pooling together to buy a grand prize that the “champion” will win, such as a CD voucher or movie tickets.

PAMPER YOURSELF Ease into the new term by spoiling yourself on the last day. Sleep in, do your hair and give yourself a manicure and pedicure.

-       Sarah Chaimowitz and Faiza Mallick


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