Smartphone helps diagnose toddler's eye cancer

By admin
19 May 2015

Smartphones have changed our lives for the better in many ways and now we can add life-saver to the long list of positives

In this instance we literally mean life-saver.

Retinoblastoma is a rare kind of eye cancer found nearly exclusively in young children. It’s a tumour that grows on the retina – and it can be picked up by the camera on your smartphone.

'I just had this gut feeling there was something was wrong with his eye'

In contrast to red-eye photos the tumour shows up white when captured by the camera flash.

This phenomenon recently compelled a mom to take her two-year-old boy for an eye examination when she noticed the white-eye result on the pictures she took of him with her cellphone.

Julie Fitzgerald, of Illinois in America, noticed the phenomenon for the first time about two months ago. “I just had this gut feeling there was something was wrong with his eye,” she told ABC News.

An opthalmologist confirmed her son, Avery, had eye cancer. Unfortunately his eye had to be removed to prevent the cancer spreading further.?“It turned out to be our worst nightmare, butit saved our son’s life,” Julie said.

Doctors are however warning that not every white glow on a photo taken with a smartphone should be taken as being retinoblastoma. But if you see a white glow there’s no harm in having an eye examination.

“It's much better to do an exam that has negative findings than to pass up an exam and not have it looked at," Mayo Clinic ophthalmologist Michael W Stewart told USA Today.

Sources: The Verge, The Mirror

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