Smelling adventure in the air?

By admin
28 November 2016

Don’t let nasal congestion ruin your travel plans!


You’re on your way to the airport. Your student days are over and you’re ready to explore the world. You packed your bags carefully – not too heavy, not too much, not too little. Your passport and airline tickets are tucked into your jacket pocket. You know where you’re going, what you want to see and who your travelling companions are. 

At the airport your parents get a little emotional about seeing you off. Dad gives you another handful of euros and Mom puts a little something in your pocket. You don’t look at it immediately because you’re trying to find your travel companions.

A few days later you wake up in a youth hostel in Paris and you can’t breathe through your nose. You take a shower hoping the steam will sort it out. You tell your friends to go ahead without you and listen as they talk about their plans for the day over coffee and croissants.

You reach for tissues in your jacket pocket and feel a little bottle. You take it out: Sinucon Nasal Drops*. You slip into the nearest bathroom to use it and soon feel the relief. You mumble: “Thanks, Mom!”

By the time your friends are heading out, you’re right there, guide book in hand, ready to enjoy another day of sight-seeing, cultural pursuits and perhaps an adventure or two.

Whether you fly or drive, travel or stay home this summer, don’t let nasal congestion hold you back. Arm yourself with Sinucon Nasal Drops and keep your summer plans on track. Travel with Sinuconfidence this summer!


Sinucon Nasal Drops offer relief from nasal congestion relating to allergies and colds and flu. For more information, refer to the package insert or ask your health care professional today. If you have any questions about the product, call the Customer Care Line on 0860-843-237.

* S1: Sinucon Nasal Drops 20 ml: Each 20 ml contains Naphazoline Nitrate 5 mg, Phenylephrine HCL 50 mg, Chlorbutol 100 mg. Ref No/Verw Nr H1464 (Act 101/1965)

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