Sneak peek at the Avengers film being shot in South Africa

By admin
21 February 2014

One of the Marvel comic books, The Avengers, is being brought to life in our very own streets of Johannesburg.

Avengers: Age of Ultron, the sequel to the 2012 The Avengers, starring Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson and Chris Hemsworth, has action scenes being filmed in Johannesburg. The stars weren't out in force but we could resist having a look at what the crew were up to.

We caught a sneak peek of the action in Joburg’s CBD. After a few false starts last week due to the DA/ANC march, filming has resumed with several streets closed off to the public.

Big trucks filled with equipment are parked next to each other giving you glimpses of equipment, back boards, giant fans and security personnel all over the place.

We also spotted some extras walking about and sitting on the pavements waiting for their turn to be called up.

All crew members were on high alert, carrying around cameras or constructing elements of the set. There were also several members of the public looking on in awe, hoping to catch some of the action scenes.

With just a few glimpses of the set (security was very tight) it looks like they’re transforming our streets into a flea market with a few items of clothing hanging on the street stalls . Speculation is rife about whether they're going to be blowing up any items. Fanboys, calm down!

The movie will be in cinemas 1 May 2015.

Extras walking off the flea market-like  set Extras walking off the flea market-like set

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