So annoying! How to deal with irritating people

By admin
13 March 2015

It might be that person you work with, or perhaps your friend's boyfriend; why are they so annoying? You may find yourself silently repeating this question every time you see them, but how is this benefiting you?

As much as you're tempted to run away and hide from this individual it'll be better in the long run if you learn how to be in their presence without feeling irritated. Patience is the key and we have some tips on how to make your life a lot easier when around them.

Listening is important in these situations as you don't want to be rude by zoning out when they open their mouths. On top of this, if you mishear or miss something they've said it will mean having to repeat things in order to make sense, thus resulting in spending more time with them.

Likewise don't jump to conclusions during a conversation with them - if you are left confused by something they have stated then ask them to repeat it, or perhaps politely question their answer if you don't understand. It can be easy to make a rash assumption about someone which is false when the person is already in your bad books so try not to presume you’ll disagree with everything they say.

If you make the effort to talk to them without preconceptions you may actually discover you have some common ground, which could be key in helping you put your feelings of annoyance aside. For example you may learn their favourite band is the same as yours; the more positive things you can get out of them the less frustrated you’ll feel.

Another important tip is to keep your cool rather than losing it and shouting, pointing out their faults. Remember they're technically not faults as it's simply your opinion. A good technique for many situations is to count to ten slowly in your head when you feel an urge to lose your temper, or if you really need to briefly excuse yourself, take a minute for some deep breathing then return to the person in a calmer state.

Lastly, you should look into what it is that annoys you about them. If it's something minor like they constantly joke about things (even when the timing is bad) then is it really worth your time and effort to dwell on that? It could be a defence mechanism of theirs or perhaps they're just a generally happy-go-lucky person. At the end of the day you don't know what brings on these habits so it's better to play it safe than immediately judge. Or if they happen to be a selfish individual who others agree is a pain, then think of it this way; you're better than them. If you really can't get out of spending time with them, grin and bear it and voice your opinions in a calm and rational way with others who feel the same, just make sure it doesn't turn into a 'I hate so-n-so club'.

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