So good-looking people want to pay his bail

By admin
25 June 2014

With a series of crimes behind him, including unlawful possession of a firearm and involvement in gangsterism, you’d expect people to have no time for Jeremy Meeks, who lives in California in the USA.

But Jeremy’s striking blue eyes and strong jaw are apparently enough to make people forget his crimes. He’s so good-looking members of the public want to pay his bail and get him out of jail.

A police photograph of Meeks (30) created a stir on the internet last week after it was circulated, and he’s been dubbed “the hot convict”.

His bail is $1 million (about R10,5 million) and volunteers have already collected $3 500 (R36 750) after Jeremy’s mom started an online fund for him.

Despite his criminal history, which includes a two-year jail term for car theft, modelling agencies have allegedly said they’d offer him a modelling contract.

Sources: Huffington Post, TMZ

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