So long Survivor’s Shambo

She lost her tribe’s fishing gear, let one of their chickens escape and claimed to have psychic gifts so she knew in advance who’d be voted off the show. 

No wonder Shannon Waters didn’t endear herself to fellow contestants on Survivor: Samoa – yet viewers loved the former Marine and were sorry to see her get her marching orders.

The villains usually hog the limelight but in the 19th season of the American reality TV series (Monday, SABC3 at 8 pm) it was the bubbly oddball who stole the show.

Fans were rooting for her to make it through to the end, but after 36 days of toughing it out in the jungle she was booted off.

Still, speaking to us on the phone from her home in Renton, Washington, the 49-year-old insists she has no hard feelings.

“I wasn’t upset,” she says with her distinctive twang. “There were only three days left and to make it that far exceeded my expectations. I can honestly say I gave it my best. I didn’t pull any punches and played the game honourably.”

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