So sweet! Watch 90-year-old serenade wife of 70 years

By Nici De Wet
27 June 2017

Proof that love never dies!

Nothing could stop 90-year-old Paul Miller from serenading his wife of 70 years at their anniversary celebration earlier this month. The octogenarian lovingly held his wife, Imogene's hand as he sang Bing Crosby's Let Me Call You Sweetheart.

“I started practicing so it would sound just right,” Paul told ABC News.

“I didn’t just reach up out of the clear blue sky to choose it.”

The video has already gone viral with over 122 000 views and counting.

Paul who wed Imogene on 15 June 1947 says his wife is "the only one I've ever had" with their romance starting when he was 18. "And it's gone along just as great as ever.”

Their granddaughter, Sarah Saragusa, agrees theirs is a truly touching tale.

"Their story is really cute. My grandmother is actually a few months older. She told my grandfather she wouldn’t marry him until he turned 20 so they got married on his birthday.

She wanted him to be a mature man at 20 before they got married. He really pursued her. He’s always been the outgoing one and she’s very sweet. He’s always said she’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever known,” she added.

All together now, aaaaww.

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