So what does Queen Elizabeth eat?

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03 May 2013

Former royal chef Darren McGrady has spilled the beans about Britain's Queen Elizabeth's particular dietary requirements.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth loves Special K cereal.

The 87-year-old monarch enjoys a hearty breakfast of the popular cereal, sprinkled with fresh fruit from her gardens or macadamia nuts, which she keeps in a Tupperware container, according to former royal chef Darren McGrady.

The culinary whizz – who worked for both the queen and the late Princess Diana over the course of 15 years until 1997 – also told The Telegraph newspaper Her Majesty likes to be served white fish or grilled chicken with vegetables at 1 pm sharp, with dinner at 8 pm normally consisting of venison or salmon.

She also insists on taking traditional afternoon tea every day, complete with scones, which are "sometimes crumbled up and fed straight to the corgis", as well as sandwiches and sugary treats.

These revelations come after the royal family placed an advert for a £23 000 (R322 000)-a-year position as a sous chef at Buckingham Palace, under the orders of resident chef Mark Flanagan.

The job is not an easy task, according to McGrady, who said: "I'm amazed they're advertising at all. They normally promote from within, because you have to learn the family recipes.

"Although you're cooking for 300 staff and kings and presidents, you're also cooking for a family, for two pensioners, with particular likes and dislikes.

"You'd never put garlic in the queen's menu, for example, or strong onions or paprika, because she hates them."

He also added Prince Andrew's favourite food is mangoes and reminisced about his days spent cooking simple meals for a young Prince William and Prince Harry, whom he remembers as "two boys who loved burgers and pizza".

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