#SocialMediaBlackout: SA unites against high data prices

By Pam Magwaza
20 June 2017

Will you be taking part in the #SocialMediaBlackout?

Thousands of SA's social media users have sworn to down thumbs to create a #SocialMediaBlackout on 21 June, as part of the #DataMustFall movement. Twitter users in particular have pledged to be off social media for a full 24 hours to prove to service providers that without them, they would lose profit. The idea is to pressure them to cut down the notoriously high costs of connecting to the web.

This comes after radio DJ Tbo Touch launched a campaign against the high prices of data, which saw him go to parliament to fight against the ridiculously priced data rates. But the DJ soon came to an agreement to with MTN, who agreed to lower tariffs.

This greatly angered Twitter users who pointed out that these new lower rates were only from midnight to 6 am.

Will you be taking part in the black out? And do you think the protest will get results? Have your say on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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