Sofia: Life is confusing without parenthood

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26 July 2015

Sofia Vergara says “nothing would make sense” if she didn’t have son Manolo.

The 43-year-old actress gave birth to her child at the age of 20 when she was married to high school sweetheart Joe Gonzalez. Now she is engaged to Magic Mike XXL hunk Joe Manganiello and the Colombian beauty hasn’t ruled out further expanding her family with her fiancé.

'Manolo is my greatest pride'

“I am [a] children person…I’m that typical gal at reunions who fights to hold the babies and they come easily to me. Being a mum is divine,” Sofia told TVyNovelas magazine. “Manolo is my greatest pride and the two of us have gone through a lot. He has been my biggest companion in this road, my support, and without him nothing would make sense. I am very thankful to life for the son I got.”

Sofia is now a hugely successful actress, with a critically-acclaimed role in hit US TV show Modern Family. She is also receiving great praise for her work in films like recent release Hot Pursuit, which also stars Reese Witherspoon.

But when Sofia fell pregnant, she was forced to put her burgeoning career to one side to focus on raising her son. However, she has no regrets about the way her life panned out.

“I was a mum at the beginning of my career and no, I have no regrets,” she said. “I think I have handled motherhood and my career with heart and brain within all the circumstances I went through. I knew I had to work to support him as a single mum, and that’s what I came to the U.S. for.”

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