Sofia Vergara: There is no wedding date!

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16 March 2015

Sofia Vergara says her wedding date with Joe Manganiello “has never been set”.

The 42-year-old Modern Family star became engaged to the 38-year-old True Blood over the Christmas holidays last year.

It’s been rumoured the pair were initially planning to wed this summer, with recent reports suggesting they decided to postpone the summertime date, but Sofia reveals this hearsay is all nonsense.

'How can something be postponed when it has never been set'

“I don’t know, how can something be postponed when it has never been set? It’s really funny,” she noted during an interview with Extra.

Sofia is currently planning the wedding with loved ones.

And things are going well so far, in fact, finalising details for the special day is turning out to be a blast.

“It’s always a lot of fun for girls to plan the wedding,” Sofia shared.

Sofia stars in forthcoming action-comedy Hot Pursuit with Reese Witherspoon. The women have become great friends and Sofia has confirmed Reese is lending a hand with the planning of her nuptials.

“Yes all of my friends are planning,” she said.

Sofia, who began dating Joe in July 2014, previously talked about how hectic their schedules are this summer.

She made it clear they were both far too overloaded to even consider a wedding until the fall of 2015.

"We're trying to figure it out because… he's shooting and promoting Magic Mike [XXL] this summer and I'm promoting my movie with Reese Witherspoon [Hot Pursuit] and so we're kinda busy, but we're trying to do it maybe [in the] fall," she explained to Access Hollywood. "Summer is going to be too crazy."

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