Sonia Booth’s mystery car scratch

By admin
23 January 2014

A phantom driver scratched Sonia Booth’s brand new SUV while she was on holiday.

Sonia posted a picture of her car’s bumper on Instagram with the caption:

“U go away on holiday, your brand new SUV parked at home. U return 2 find not only a scratch but it’s been painted with Tip-ex/nail varnish/paint. & nobody knows how/who”

Sonia Booth car (2)

The model turned business woman’s friends commented on the poor cover-up to which she responded: “

Ya, the patchwork actually made it worse. The entire bumper will have to be taken off, imagine the work & cost considering the Park Distance Control. Ppl r evil & jealous”

Sonia says explaining this to the insurance company would be the worst part.

-         Shandukani Mulaudzi

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