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23 September 2010

TV presenter Sorisha Naidoo looks lovely as ever despite being sleep-deprived. In fact the 32-year-old appears amazingly refreshed for someone who’s getting only four hours shut-eye a night.

She flashes her famous smile as she introduces YOU to daughter Kalina. It’s the baby’s first photoshoot and her proud mom fusses, making sure she’s warmly dressed.

“We need to change this routine and start waking you up during the day, baby,” the former Scandal! star says softly, gazing down at her daughter.

The plan is to get Kalina sleeping at night, she says. Step one will be to wake her during the day, feed her and chat to her to encourage alertness. Step two will be getting Kalina and brother Saihil, who turns two on 16 September, to sleep in their own rooms so Sorisha and her businessman husband, Vivian Reddy, can get some proper sleep.

Sorisha and Vivian have had to deal with more than just sleepless nights since Kalina arrived last month. When they brought the new baby home there was some sibling rivalry.

“Saihil would sneak up to her cot and throw in a table mat,” Sorisha says. “Or if I was feeding her he’d try to jump on me - but he’s calming down quicker than we thought he would.”

“He doesn’t understand why this newborn is receiving so much attention. It must be difficult going from being the only child to having to share his mom and dad,” she says.

Sorisha has returned to work after an 18-month break from the small screen. She’s back on magazine show Eastern Mosaic as a field reporter. “I’m back to being a working mom,” she says, beaming.

Although she has no acting plans one or two presenting stints a week will keep her busy. Each insert takes six to eight hours to film. She’s also open to doing international travel, which she has done rarely since Saihil was born.

“I think every mom feels those pangs of guilt but I can’t put my life on hold,” she says. “If I stay at home fulltime I’ll stagnate. It’s important to have mommy’s time when you do stuff just for you and time when the kids do stuff with you.”

Read the full article in the YOU of 9 September 2010

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