South African in Canada becomes an overnight sensation – thanks to this chilling photo

05 June 2017

All he was doing was mowing the lawn...

All he was doing was cutting his grass.

But there’s a twist -- he was as cool as a cucumber doing it, while a massive tornado spun in the background.

Theunis Wessels has been living in Three Hills, Canada, for the past seven years. Last week Friday he decided his grass needed a bit of a trim.

He told Canadian news agency CBCNews that he kept a careful eye on the tornado.

“In the photo, it looks really close, but the tornado was actually quite far from our house,” he said.

His wife, Cecilia shared the hilarious photo on Facebook.

“My beast mowing the lawn with a breeze in his hair,” she captioned the image.

The picture shows Theunis calmly cutting the grass while the tornado wreaks havoc behind him.

“I just wanted to take a picture to show my mother and family in South Africa. And now everyone’s asking why my husband is cutting the grass when there’s a tornado,” she told the Canadian newspaper, Times Colonist.

“Everyone sat on their front porch and took pictures of the tornado.”

Her photo was shared more than 1 800 times on Facebook.

No one was harmed during the tornado.

Sources: Times Colonist, CBCNews

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