Soweto man kills 5-year-old and drinks his blood

By Nadim Nyker
11 April 2017

Rikson Mongwe was playing with a group of children in the street when the 21-year-old suspect stabbed him and then drank his blood in broad daylight on Monday.

A five-year-old from Soweto has died after a man allegedly stabbed him and drank his blood. 

The man has since been arrested and the police have urged the community to leave his punishment to the hands of the law.

According to ENCA, Rikson's father Eddie Mongwe has demanded that the suspect stays in jail.

"He killed my son, so where does that leave me?" Eddie lamented.

“Do I take my own decision? I don't want him leaving jail and he is not getting bail." The suspect is set to appear in the Orlando magistrates court soon and police spokesperson Lieutenant Kay Makhubele says that they are investigating the motive behind the murder. Local Twitter users were shocked at the incident.

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