Spaghetti Bolognese

By admin
28 October 2011

Serves 4-6

Preparation time: 20 min

Cooking time: about 1 hour

30 ml (2 T) olive oil

30 g butter

1 onion, roughly chopped

1 stalk celery, roughly chopped

2 cloves garlic, crushed

1 carrot, grated

500 g mince

15 ml (1 T) tomato paste

1 can (410 g) tomatoes, chopped

500 ml (2 c) meat stock

15 ml (1 T) soft brown sugar

5 ml (1 t) Worcester sauce

salt and black pepper

60 ml (¼ c) parsley, oregano and

thyme, roughly chopped

250 g spaghetti

extra olive oil

1 Heat the oil and butter and fry the onion, celery, garlic and carrot. Add the mince and fry.

2 Add the paste, tomatoes, stock, sugar, Worcester sauce, salt and pepper and bring to the boil.

4 Reduce the heat and simmer for 40 minutes. Stir in the herbs.

5 Cook the spaghetti, drain and toss with olive oil. Serve with the sauce.

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