Spanish bullfighter gored to death on live TV

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12 July 2016

A Spanish bullfighter died this past weekend after being gored by a bull at the Feira del Angel. It was the first time in more than 30 years that a Spanish bullfighter was gored to death.

Victor Barrio (29) was declared dead late on Saturday afternoon. The bull had pierced his hip with a horn and while he lay helpless on the ground it also pierced his chest. The horn entered one of Victor’s lungs.

An unconscious Victor was rushed to a nearby hospital, but in vain.

Victor’s goring was broadcast live on TV. According to the Daily Mail, Victor’s wife, Raquel Sanz, was in the audience and saw her husband killed.

People’s sympathies for Raquel streamed in on social media. The 32-year-old thanked supporters on Twitter but said she was too shocked to say any more. “Thanks to everyone. I cannot reply to you, I have no words. My life has gone, I have no strength, although I have a lot of thanks,” she wrote. She also wrote a message to her husband on Twitter: “I’m sure that where you are you have an exceptional view.” Not everyone was sympathetic over Victor’s death. Ben Fogle wrote, “I hope the death of matador Victor Barrio can finally put an end to bullfighting.”

Another Twitter user, Sarah-Jane Crawford, wrote, “Yes. Sad about matador #VictorBarrio being killed in front of his wife. But can we now STOP torturing and killing the bulls?
Rachel Cavers wrote, “Bull fighting is a cruel, disgusting act and hopefully the death of #VictorBarrio will help with the demise of the supposed ‘sport’.”

The last time a bullfighter was killed in Spain was when Jose Cubero Yiyo was gored in Madrid in 1985.

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Spanish bullfighter gored to death on live TV

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