Special ‘doodle’ for Mandela Day

By admin
18 July 2014

What are you doing with your 67 minutes today?

If you used Google this morning you would have seen the special “Google Doodle”.

This doodle honours former president Nelson Mandela, who would have been 96 today, and features some of the words of wisdom he was known for.

Since November 2009, when the United Nations declared 18 July International Nelson Mandela Day, South Africans and people all over the world have devoted 67 minutes of their time to doing something for others on this day.

The 67 minutes are in honour of the 67 years of his life Madiba sacrificed for others – from 1942 when he started fighting for human rights in South Africa until his official retirement in 2009.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation says Mandela Day is a campaign to create a culture of service and to encourage people to shoulder the responsibility of making the world a better place for all.

What are you doing with your 67 minutes?

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