Spend your 67 minutes making this nifty sleeping bag

By admin
18 July 2013

Use old newspapers to do your bit and make a difference this Mandela Day by making sleeping bags to give to homeless people in your community.

Just look at this clever way of recycling old newspapers and making a difference in your community.  Media 24 staffers at the company’s George office have decided to make 20 sleeping bags out of newspaper for Mandela Day, which will be handed out to homeless people.

“We worked hard to come up with an original idea because it will probably be the last 18 July we’ll have with Madiba still with us. We wanted it to be something extra special,” says Mandi Botha, editor of Eden Express. “When an inhabitant of George phoned the office and asked for old newspapers with which to make sleeping bags it sounded like a great idea.

“We’re getting better at making them. Yesterday it took two people an hour to make a sleeping bag but now they manage it in 10 minutes. The bags may not be as neat as before but they’re just as functional,” Mandi says with a laugh.

You can make newspaper sleeping bags too. All you need is a lot of newspaper, masking tape and large garbage bags.

Click here to see how the bags are made: http://www.denverlfl.org/OrgHeaders/2523/How%20to%20Make%20Sleeping%20Bags%20out%20of%20Recycled%20Newspaper.pdf

-Suzaan Hauman

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