Sperm bank owner (89) allegedly fathered 60 children

By Kim Abrahams
16 May 2017

23 families have come forward with the shocking revelations.

A sperm bank owner is alleged to have fathered 60 children after he secretly switched donors’ semen with his own.

Expecting mothers were blissfully unaware while Dr Jan Kabaart apparently replaced donors’ semen with his at a fertility clinic in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

The 89-year-old doctor died last month and now, a month after his death, 23 families have come forward with the shocking claim.

Dr Kabaart owned the Bidjorp Medical Centre, which was one of Rotterdam’s largest sperm banks in the ’80s and ’90s. The centre closed its doors in 2009 after reports of irregularities emerged.

The late doctor stands accused of having interfered with the clinic’s data and donor descriptions, as well as allowing couples more than the allotted six children per donor.

The families are now pursuing DNA tests to see if he used his own sperm.

“It’s a fundamental right to know where one came from,” Tim Beuters, a lawyer acting for the families, said.

“It’s a question of identity; it helps someone to form their personality.”

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But Lisette de Haan, a lawyer acting for the Karbaat family, has asked a Dutch court to dismiss a doctor’s appeal against Dr Karbaat’s instruction that no DNA tests be carried out after his death.

De Haan is adamant that Dr Karbaat, who described himself as a “pioneer in the field of fertilisation”, did not switch donor sperm.

“There’s not the slightest evidence that Dr Karbaat was the donor,” she said.

If the court permits the DNA testing, his body could be exhumed.

Sources: thesun.co.uk, metro.co.uk

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