Spice Girls 'twigs' sold for R1 000

By admin
10 April 2014

Some people will fall for anything! Six twigs have been sold on Ebay for £62 after the seller compared their character to the Spice Girls.

Now we've heard everything! A man sold six twigs on the internet for over £62 (R1 080). Seller Babak Ganjei, from Hackney in north-east London, put the twigs up for sale on internet marketplace eBay in a bid to amuse his friends, but after describing the sticks as having "characters" like the Spice Girls had over 27 bids on the bizarre items with the winner paying a whopping £62 (over R 1000).

'Like the Spice Girls each twig has it's own character'

Mr Ganjei (35) - who picked the "premium twigs" from the upmarket De Beauvior Sqaure in Hackney - wrote on the site: "Like the Spice Girls each twig has it's own character and you can't just replace one with another twig."

He later explained to the Daily Express newspaper: "I expected to make a handful of friends laugh. I didn't expect to have 1 237 people watching the Twigs at the end of the week."

- Bang Showbiz

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