“Spider-Man over Zuma and no more broccoli!” – Study shows what SA kids want

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06 November 2014

Ever wish you could spend a day inside your child’s mind to figure out what he’s thinking?

Thanks to a new survey, parents across South Africa have more insight than ever into what their kids think, feel and want.

Parent24 conducted their first ever survey of over 2700 parents and their kids, and their findings might surprise you!


When it comes to eating habits, it’s quite clear where our country’s childhood obesity epidemic is coming from. A whopping 62% of kids have take-aways up to three times a week! Luckily, they compensate for the unhealthy take-aways by stocking up on veggies – 76% of kids eat vegetables up to seven times a week. Broccoli takes the cake as the most hated veggie – with fruit juice being a firm favourite in the beverage-division.


If you worry that your child spends too much time glued to the TV – you aren’t alone! Roughly 62% of kids watch more than three hours of TV a week, and 32% of kids spend up to 12 hours a week playing on devices like cellphones and tablets.

When I grow up…

We certainly have an ambitious generation on our hands! With 43% of kids wanting to become doctors and a further 29% hoping to one day work in medicine, our future doctors seems to be set.

How many times do I have to tell you?

As controversial as it may be, 30% of parents still believe in a smack on the bum when kids are misbehaving. A further 41% see reasoning with their kids as the best solution, with 5% not using any discipline at all!

Around the home:

If your child complains that none of her friends have to do chores, don’t fall for it! An impressive 75% of kids help out around the house.

Spider-Man for president!

Move over, Zuma. Our kids would prefer Spider-Man or Tinkerbell at the head of the nation. 38% of kids think Spidey would be an ideal leader, with 31% believing Tink has what it takes to lead Mzansi. The die-hard Beliebers also cast their vote, with 5% of them thinking Justin Bieber would make a good president. Sadly, 0% of kids thought Jacob Zuma or Lady Gaga are fit to lead South-Africa.

Source: Parent24

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