Spud 2: Getting to know . . . Alex McGregor.

By Kirstin Buick
20 June 2013

Ahead of Spud 2: The Madness Continues opening at cinemas countrywide on Friday 21 June, we have a chat to Alex McGregor (Christine).

Gorgeous Alex McGregor plays gawky Christine, who seems to have given up on chasing Spud in The Madness Continues, and turns her attentions to Boggo.

What can Spud fans look forward to in The Madness Continues?

Spud 2 is more of a comedy, whereas the first film had quite a few more dramatic moments.

What was your favourite scene to shoot?

The Fantasy scene with Gen, Charlbi and Troye was really cool! We had crazy outfits, and had lots of giggles and fun while shooting it!

What is your favourite thing about your character?

Christine is crazy. I love it. She’s tomboyish and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks. When she wants something (boys in particular), she goes for it.

Do you have a lot in common with your character?

Hmmm, a little bit of the craziness I guess. Also, when I want something, I go for it too, but not all my thoughts are directed towards boys!

What was the funniest moment on set?

Ooof, there were many! Hard to answer that!

Who in the cast did you get along with the best?

We all got along really really well, but Genna and I are super-close! Especially now that she lives in Cape Town!

Who was the troublemaker on set?

… me. Jokes. Probably Josh Goddard.

Were there any off-screen romances between cast members?

What happens during the Spud shoot, stays on the Spud shoot!

Of all the members of the cast, who do you think would make the best couple?


What’s in the pipeline for you this year?

I just finished shooting an American sci-fi called Young Ones, alongside Elle Fanning, Nicholas Hoult, Michael Shannon and Kodi McPhee. Next, I shoot a movie called Echo Beach in JHB and Durban. Very exciting!

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