Stacked-up sandwich

By admin
09 October 2012

A little bit of creativity goes a long way - just look at this beautiful presentation of a sandwich

Resting time: 6 hours

Serves: 4

1 large ciabatta roll or 4 small buns

30 ml (2 T) butter

125 ml (½ c) basil pesto

250 ml (1 c) pickled peppers/pepper dews

500 g assorted cold meats (salami, ham, smoked chicken)

200 g mozzarella balls, sliced

onion marmalade

salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

1 large bunch of rocket leaves, washed

1.    Cut the ciabatta in half lengthways. Butter both sides and spread with pesto. Place a layer of peppers on the bottom slice of bread. Top with a generous layer of cold meats and cheese.

2.    Drizzle some onion marmalade over the cheese and season with salt and pepper. Top with rocket and a slice of ciabatta.

3.    Wrap each sandwich tightly with plastic wrap and place on a plate. When all are prepared place the plate in the fridge for at least 6 hours and weigh down to ensure all the ingredients and flavours combine well.

- Hope Malau

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