Stage 2 load shedding to start at 4pm

By admin
13 April 2015

Eskom has announced that stage 2 load shedding and load curtailment will start from 16:00 on Monday and will likely to continue until 22:00.

This comes after Sunday's day of stage 2 load shedding and as Eskom pushes to finish its maintenance work ahead of winter.

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"The electricity supply system remains very vulnerable due to a shortage of generation capacity as several units are currently out of service due to planned and unplanned outages," Eskom said in a statement.

"Eskom would like to assure customers that load shedding is implemented as a necessary measure to protect the power system.

"Any additional changes on the already vulnerable and constrained power system could lead to a change in the stage of load shedding at short notice. We will communicate if there is a need to change stages.

"Eskom calls on all customers to reduce the load on the electricity grid by urgently switching off geysers, air conditioners, pool pumps and all non-essential appliances throughout the day, which will reduce electricity demand. We would like to thank all customers who continue to use electricity sparingly.

"Every little bit of saving counts as it reduces the severity of load shedding.

"Commercial customers, particularly shopping centres and office blocks, can also make a big difference by switching off non-essential lights and not leaving office equipment such as photocopiers and computers in standby mode after hours."

-- Fin24, News24 Wire

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