Star power: Javier & Penélope

By admin
23 July 2010

It’s usually the bride who gets all misty-eyed on her big day but when Penélope Cruz married in a secret ceremony in the Bahamas recently it was her groom, actor Javier Bardem, who was overcome by emotion. Guests were reportedly amazed when they noticed the brooding Spaniard wiping tears away as the actress walked towards him looking radiant in a designer gown.

They both hail from Spain, have known each other for almost two decades, appeared in three movies together, and are big-name stars with Oscars on their mantelpieces. But above all they have in common an intense desire to keep their private lives out of the spotlight.

Although they hooked up three years ago they’ve kept the media guessing about their relationship, only recently acknowledging they’re an item. And when they married earlier this month they pulled off a feat few celebrities have managed, keeping so low-key about their nuptials that people were none the wiser until two weeks after the event.

But as soon as the news was out the tabloids were in a spin, especially as just a few months ago in an interview Penélope (36) insisted she was in no hurry to marry Javier (41).

While many reports have time-stamped their romance as starting in 2007 they actually had a passionate fling in 1992 while making the racy Spanish comedy Jamón, Jamón.

The young lovebirds split up after the movie but were re-united on the big screen a few years later in acclaimed Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar’s arty movie Live Flesh.

By the time Woody Allen cast them in Vicky Cristina Barcelona a few years ago both were older and wiser. Ironically in the process of playing a divorced couple caught in a tempestuous love/hate relationship they fell for each other all over again.

Awards are something that aren’t in short supply for this couple but of the two Penélope is regarded as the bigger star.

By the age of 23 she was a household name in Spain but not content with that she moved to America determined to attain Hollywood success even though she could speak fewer than five words of English.

Penélope is currently shooting Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, in which she plays a dangerous woman who captures the heart of Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp).

Meanwhile Javier has just finished filming Eat, Pray, Love opposite Julia Roberts.

Seems these days the powerhouse pair can pick and choose their roles as they please. And we’re keeping our fingers crossed that some of their future projects will see them teaming up again because with chemistry as hot as theirs they belong together - on screen and off.

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