'Stealing your man since 1928'

By Samantha Luiz
24 November 2015

Real-life goals.

Meet Baddie Winkle.

and i know when that

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She was born Helen Ruth Van Winkle during the Great Depression in 1928. She invented Baddie Winkle after the death of her husband and son.

check out the documentary i did for @refinery29 shot by the amazing @daniellelevitt

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"I cried all the time because I couldn't come to terms with it, so I made myself over into Baddie Winkle."

it's true

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The 87-year-old has since become an internet sensation. She has more than 1,7million followers on Instagram, including Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Nicole Richie.

Kickin it w @baddiewinkle backstage @ da #vmas

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"Baddie Winkle has helped me a lot — in spirit, anyway. The lessons that I have learned is live and let live," she told Refinery29. "I would love to be a role model for older people. You're only here once in your lifetime, so have fun."

it's my 87th birthday bishhhhh

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