Step-by-step: How to stencil a wall

By admin
14 June 2016

Create a unique focal feature with this easy DIY project.

You will need

• stencil design

• Priplak (sheet of 0.5mm A4 plastic; find it at plastic and craft shops)

• masking tape

• repositionable spray adhesive

• newsprint

• PVA paint


• craft knife

• cutting mat

• steel ruler

• small sponge roller and tray

Here’s how:


1. Download the stencil HERE, and print it on paper. Use masking tape to secure the transparent Priplak to the design and cut it out carefully with the craft knife.


2. Trim the sides of your stencil so they are 1cm from the edge of the design.


3. Place the stencil on newsprint and cover with repositionable spray adhesive.


4. Now start at the top of the wall; place the sides of your stencil against the cornice and corner of the wall and using PVA paint, a small sponge roller and tray, carefully roll the paint over the design. Then move the stencil down so that it touches the bottom of the previous stencil and the side of the wall. Repeat until you get to the bottom of the wall, spraying with the repositionable spray adhesive when necessary.


5. Keep repeating the pattern by positioning the stencil at the bottom of the previous one and in line with the one next to it until the entire wall is covered.


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BY: Shelly Bergh

PHOTOS: Megan Miller

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