Stephen van Niekerk, a daddy in love

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19 August 2011

“Anything that fits into this cute outfit has to be the most precious thing ever,” he declares, holding up a tiny pair of pink leggings.

He looks at his daughter and sighs. “As tiny as that little finger is, she has me wrapped around it.”

No doubt about it, Stephen van Niekerk has fallen hook, line and sinker for the baby girl who entered his and wife Claire’s lives four months ago. Hayley is all the Isidingo star wants to talk about these days.

YOU’s photoshoot is the first time Claire (37) and Stephen (33), who plays good-guy game ranger Daniel le Roux in the soap, have introduced their first-born to the media and we’re honoured.

“She’s the cutest baby you’ll ever see,” he tells us – and there’s no denying she’s a sweetie with her chubby cheeks, blue eyes and soft, downy hair.

Her eyes are like her dad’s but she looks more like her dancer/choreographer/businesswoman mom – although Claire doesn’t think so any more.

“When she was born she looked exactly like me but now as she’s growing all I can see is Stephen’s side of the family in her,” she says.

Her personality is also more like her dad’s, Claire adds. “She seems to know exactly what she wants and if she doesn’t get it she screams. She definitely gets her impatience from him!”

Stephen has a basic approach to children’s needs.

“With little babies it’s about the three Bs – burp, bum and boob. You just keep rotating those until she’s happy,” he says with a grin.

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