Stepmom to appear in court over teenager's death

By admin
07 October 2016

The 17-year-old collapsed on Wednesday night and died – allegedly after being struck in the face by her stepmother.

Marietjie Vosloo, the stepmother of the Springs teenager Mundolene Vosloo who died in a hotel in Mauritius on Wednesday under suspicious circumstances, will spend the weekend in a Mauritian jail cell.

Her next court appearance is scheduled for this coming Wednesday. She’s being charged with culpable homicide.

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The charge is the result of unconfirmed reports that Marietjie had somehow caused Mundolene’s death.

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Inspector S. Coothen, the investigating officer, confirmed to YOU that Marietjie will appear in the Mauritian high court in Port Louis on Wednesday. He couldn’t confirm at what police station she’s being held.

“This isn’t a case to be taken lightly,” Coothen said. “It’s manslaughter.”

He says the case is still under investigation and the issue of bail has not been raised. He couldn’t confirm whether Marietjie had applied for legal help or had hired an attorney.

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