Still golden after all the years

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18 February 2011

You know you’ve made Hollywood’s A-list when you’re offered so many movie and TV roles you have to turn many of them down; when a calendar and clothing range bearing your face flies off shop shelves; when  there’s a comic book about your life and 500 000 of your fans sign a Facebook petition demanding you be invited to present one of America’s favourite comedy shows.

Only a handful of stars enjoy this sort of fame and popularity, usually in their prime.

But after an unbelievable 70 years in the entertainment industry Betty White is riding the crest of a wave of success – at the ripe age of 89.

In a glamorous world where youth and beauty are the main prerequisites for success, it speaks volumes that this elderly woman is teaching the younger generation a thing or two about charm.

The Facebook campaign to get her onto sketch show Saturday Night Live worked and the episode she presented last year was the most popular in years – even though she was the oldest presenter in the show’s history.

Betty’s return to the forefront of the entertainment industry began with her role as the eccentric granny in the hit movie The Proposal, with Sandra Bullock.

After that she appeared in a hilarious ad for the Super Bowl, the popular American football championship. Soon Betty White fever had hit America.

In January she won a Screen Actors Guild Award for outstanding female actor in a comedy series for her performance in the TV sitcom Hot in Cleveland.

“I cannot believe this,” she told the audience after being helped onstage. “They got the old broad up those stairs – and that’s not easy.”

She added that the award was “the biggest surprise I’ve ever had in this business”.

Betty recently told talk-show host Oprah Winfrey she’s completely baffled by the sudden upswing in her career.

“I’m just blessed with good health and I’m having a ball because I love what I do.”

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